• What to Expect on the Authory blog

    Hello, y’all. It’s been awhile. Last we met, it was Pitch Wars application season. And boy, has it been a crazy time! Not only am I hard at work helping my talented mentee revise her manuscript, but I’ve also been pregnant and super ill as a result. Now that I’m feeling much better and in the home stretch of helping my mentee prepare for the Pitch Wars agent round, I’m going to be blogging a whole lot more about authory things on this corner of the cyberverse.

    So what will that look like?

    • Updates on my author journey. Obviously, I’ll keep you in the know on things regarding my books–though, admittedly, I am currently behind on that (I have a new agent, and THE TRUTH ABOUT TWO-SHOES has a new title for now. But more on that later). While certain parts of the publishing industry are often a lot like FIGHT CLUB, I will keep you in the know as much as I can because 1) I’m, by nature, an over-sharer and 2) I think writer peeps have to stick together.
    • Writing tips and tricks. If you know me, I love writing about writing. As a writing consultant and editor for many years, discussing the mechanics on how to make words come together beautiful and coherently on a page is just my passion. I’ll definitely be posting more of that on here, as well as the occasional Youtube vlog.

    • Sharing my own writing. I have a few short stories I enter into things here and there and only let my most trusted friends read. Upon their encouragement, I’ve decided to finally post a couple here and there to share with you all. Cuz…well…why the Hell not?
    • Installments of “NAIVE NIKKI TAKES ON THE WORLD:” In real life, I’m sorta kinda known for sharing personal anecdotes with whoever will listen. Sometimes people will beg to hear certain stories again or have me share with someone who hasn’t heard one before (currently, my most requested is the time I picked up a hitchhiker from Ghana in a disaster zone). Whenever people say, “You should write this in a book!” I always laugh it off and say, “One day when I’m famous, my memoir will be called NAIVE NIKKI TAKES ON THE WORLD.” But of course, memoirs only get picked up if you’re famous–not if you’re just an accident-prone twenty-something with a halfway decent sense of humor. So, again upon some prodding from others, I’ve decided to start a series on the blog with my random short stories that are 100% most definitely true and 100% bizarre and normal at the same time.

    So…that’s just a hint at what’s to come. If you have any suggestions or requests (especially in the realm of writing tips), let me know! And thanks for reading. May the words be with you!

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